‘Wow, what a photo’: Anushka Sharma is showering self love on Instagram

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi |

Published: February 19, 2020 7:10:00 pm

anushka sharma, anushka sharma nykaa fashion awards, anushka sharma instagram, anushka sharma self love, indian express, indian express news What do you think of Anushka Sharma’s self-proclamation? (Source: Anushka Sharma/Instagram | Designed by Gargi Singh)

The advent of social media might have been to provide validation and make a stranger feel good about the way they look or write, but it is increasingly resembling the complete opposite. The ready accessibility and complete absence of any censorship have adversely affected it, enabling everyone to opine on everything. More often than not celebrities find themselves at the receiving end of such “trolls”. From the way they look to what they choose to say, everything is dissected and scrutinised, often unnecessarily.

However, Anushka Sharma has come up with an innovative way to bypass it. She attended the recently held Femina Nykaa Beauty Awards 2020 and, as is the practice, uploaded pictures of herself from the day. But then she went ahead and left comments on her photo like, “Wow, what a photo”good height, girl”.

Anushka Sharma was seen in a Swapnil Shinde creation.

Styled by Allia Al Rufai, the actor was seen in a Swapnil Shinde creation. The shimmery outfit had a deep plunging neckline and elaborate sleeves. The look was rounded out with glitter eyeshadow, minimal makeup and hair tied in a neat bun.

Although the Pari actor really aces her looks on the red carpet, this kind of left us disappointed. But there is no taking away from the confidence she displayed by showering self-love on herself. No other way to block hatred if not with love.

The comments left by trolls can be really vindictive and vitriolic without any trigger and can affect one’s mental health. Here’s hoping others pick up from this.

What do you think of Anushka Sharma’s self-proclamation?

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Team India visit Indian High Commission in Wellington; see pics

By: Sports Desk |

Updated: February 19, 2020 7:05:15 pm

Virat Kohli & co. visited the Indian High Commission in Wellington on Wednesday. (Source: Twitter/ANI)

Ahead of the two-match Test series against New Zealand, Virat Kohli & co. visited the Indian High Commission in Wellington on Wednesday.

The team was accompanied by the support staff and skipper Kohli graced the occasion with a speech on the mutual admiration both the sides have for each other.

“If we ever have to share our No 1 spot it would be New Zealand,” Kohli said while addressing the gathering present at the venue.

He also mentioned that he feels honored to be present at the High Commission as it gives the team an opportunity to interact with Indians and the people from the country they are in.

“I’m very honoured to be here. Of all the tours we have coming to the High Commission is always a very special evening, because we get to spend time with people from India obviously, but we also get to meet a lot of people from the country we are in.”

India will kick-start the much-anticipated Test series against the Kiwis on Friday at the Basin Reserve in Wellington. The team will then travel to Christchurch for the second and final match of the series, which will be played on February 29.

Ahead of the Tests, both India and New Zealand competed in the limited-overs format. While India secured a resounding 5-0 victory against the hosts in T20Is, the Kiwis bounced back in a similar fashion and went on to claim a whitewash over the Men In Blue in the 50-over format.

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Common sleep disorders you should not ignore

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi |

Published: February 19, 2020 6:20:45 pm

sleep disorders, sleep apnea, insomnia, common sleep disorders, indian express news One may face trouble sleeping at night due to one’s lifestyle. (Photo: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

We cannot stress enough on the importance of a good night’s sleep. Quality sleep not only keeps the immune system healthy, it also regulates hormones such as ghrelin and leptin that help balance appetite. Experts advice that an adult should sleep for at least 7-9 hrs on an average, and that if one does not get enough sleep, sleeps at an incorrect time or in breaks, they need to consult a specialist to rule out any sleep disorder.

“The body’s blood pressure regulates itself through adequate sleep. It is also essential in promoting heart health, muscle repair, cognitive consolidation and limits the onset of sleep disorders. Due to our current lifestyles, we might face trouble sleeping at night and we tend to ignore the signs until the problem escalates,” explains Dr Rima Chaudhari, Consultant Neurologist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund.

Sleep disorders are a group of conditions that affect the aptitude to sleep well on a regular basis. It is a common problem these days that coincides with a simple headache and day-to-day stress. When a patient walks in for a headache problem, which is a common neurological disorder, 60-70 per cent of the times it is related to disrupted sleep, she shares.

Insomnia is known to be the most common sleep disorder; however, there are other forms of sleep disorders that you should know about, as suggested by Dr Chaudhari.

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Sleep Apnea

This is a serious sleep disorder where breathing frequently stops and starts again, causing the oxygen level in the blood to drop. It may therefore hamper oxygen supply to the brain and the rest of the body. Our body senses this occurrence and disrupts one’s sleep, to ensure that the individual breathes again. Common symptoms of sleep apnea are snoring, wheezing for air, and waking up with a dry mouth.

Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless Legs Syndrome is a neurological disorder where a person gets an urge to move their legs constantly. People with this condition experience discomfort or twitchiness (ache or burning) in the legs after going to sleep. As it typically disturbs sleep, it is considered as a sleep disorder.

sleep disorders, sleep apnea, insomnia, common sleep disorders, indian express news Experts advice that an adult should sleep for at least 7-9 hrs on an average. (Photo: File Photo)

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a disorder where a person is unable to move or speak when waking up and falling asleep. A person may also tend to hallucinate in this case. Patients experience a certain pressure and instant fear, as they have a feeling of being conscious but are unable to move.

Circadian Rhythm Disorder

This is a type of disorder which usually happens when a person’s internal biological clock is not in sync with external time cues. This sleeping pattern is usually hindered by two or more hours, especially when a person goes to sleep later at night or sleeps later in the morning. This is reported commonly among those who work night shifts, experience repetitive jet lag, or having an irregular sleep cycle.


Insomnia is a very common type of sleep disorder in which people have trouble falling and or staying asleep. They tend to sleep during the daytime, and are constantly low on energy or irritable.

Tips to get better sleep at night

* Maintain good sleep hygiene and set a bedtime schedule.
* Reduce coffee intake in the evenings and at night.
* Decrease screen time, especially for a few hours before bed time.
* Exercise regularly.
* Avoid afternoon or early evening naps if you have trouble sleeping at night.
* Take a relaxing hot bath or shower before getting into bed.

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Cheteshwar Pujara signs up with English county Gloucestershire

By: PTI | London |

Published: February 19, 2020 6:21:31 pm

India’s cricket player Cheteshwar Pujara gets ready for a training session. (AP Photo)

India Test specialist Cheteshwar Pujara was on Wednesday signed up by Gloucestershire for the first six matches of the English County Championship starting April 12.

Pujara is one of the key players in the Indian Test team, providing solidity to the batting line-up with his technique. His stint with Gloucestershire will be from April 12 to May 22.

“I am really excited to get the opportunity to represent Gloucestershire this season. The Club has a rich cricketing history, and this is a great opportunity to be a part of it and contribute to its success,” Pujara said in a press release issued by the club.

The club took into consideration the 32-year-old right-hander’s ability to bat for long periods.

He will bring his experience to a Gloucestershire side, which will be playing in Division One of the County Championship for the first time in over a decade.

“I am grateful to the Club for giving me this opportunity and cannot wait to get to Bristol to meet my teammates and score some runs,” Pujara said.

“I have really enjoyed the experience of coming over to the UK and playing county cricket over the last few years and I am looking forward to building on that whilst continuing to improve my game.”

Pujara has previously played in England for Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire in the County Championship. The batsman made his Test debut for India in 2010 against Australia. In 2012, he made his first international Test century against New Zealand in Hyderabad where he scored 159.

He has an impressive batting average of 49.48 in Test cricket with 206 not out being his best score, which he made against England.

He has an equally impressive first-class average of 53.99 with a highest score of 352 for Saurashtra against Karnataka.

Gloucestershire head coach Richard Dawson said, “Cheteshwar is a player with great temperament who will add international experience to the squad.

“He is undoubtedly one of the best batsmen in world cricket and we are very fortunate to have him in our squad for the start of the County Championship campaign,” he explained.

“Adding Pujara to a strong batting line-up gives me great confidence ahead of our opening County Championship matches,” he added.

Pujara is the first Indian player to play for Gloucestershire since Javagal Srinath in 1995.

Srinath took 87 wickets in the only season he represented The Shire.

During his stint, Pujara will be available for the four-day games against Yorkshire, Lancashire, Kent, Somerset, Essex and Surrey.

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PM Modi relishes ‘litti-chokha’ at Delhi’s Hunar Haat; this is how you can make it

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi |

Published: February 19, 2020 5:34:57 pm

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, litti chokha recipe, Hunar Haat, Delhi Rajpath, litti chokha, litti chokha recipe bihar, indian express Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen having a hearty meal at the ‘Hunar Haat’ in Delhi’s Rajpath Wednesday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen enjoying a hearty meal at the ‘Hunar Haat’ in Delhi’s Rajpath Wednesday. While interacting with the artisans and relishing delicious-looking litti chokha and a hot kulhad chai, he spent around 50 minutes at the exhibition. He later posted pictures on Twitter of his outing. “Colours and diversity of India on display at Hunar Haat. It showcases the best of products including handicrafts, carpets, textiles and of course, delicious food! The participation of people from all across India makes #HunarHaat a vibrant place”, he wrote in the post.

Litti-chokha is a popular dish of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. In the past, we have seen Aamir Khan enjoying it while promoting his movie in Bihar in 2017. He had told the media that he enjoys the special taste of litti-chokha. “It is known for its unique taste. I love to eat litti-chokha.”, he had said.

PM Modi tweets pictures relishing 'litti-chokha', kulhad chai during surprise visit to 'Hunar Haat' Litti-chokha is a popular dish of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand.

Wondering how to make the delicacy? Dont worry we have got you covered. Here’s a detailed recipe of litti chokha.

Litti Chokha

By Nisha Madhulika


litti chokha, bihari dish, bihari delicacy litti chokha, litti chokha at manila food fest, manila international food fest, manila food litti chokha, litti chokha among global cuisines, trending, food, foodies, cuisines, indian express, indian express news Amir Khan indulge in it while he was promoting his movie in Bihar in 2017.

3 cups – Wheat flour
3 tbsp – Ghee
1 cup – Sattu
1/2 cup – Coriander, finely chopped
2 tbsp – Mustard oil
2 – Lemons
5 to 6 – Green chillies, finely chopped
2 inches – Ginger, grated
2 tsp – Salt
1/2 tsp – Carom seeds
1/4 tsp – Baking soda
1 tbsp – Pickle masala
4 – Tomatoes
1 – Eggplant
4 – Boiled potatoes


* For the dough, take wheat flour in a mixing bowl, add ghee, salt, carom seeds, and baking soda. Add water in small portions and knead the mixture. Cover and keep it aside.

* For the chokha, take eggplant and tomatoes and grease it with oil. Then put it on a net and roast it over the flame. Flip at intervals and roast till the skin turns black.

* Once roasted, take out the eggplant and tomato in a plate, allow it to cool, and then peel off the skin.

* For the stuffing, take sattu in a bowl. Add salt, grated ginger, pickle masala, green coriander, finely chopped green chilies, mustard oil and juice from one lemon to it. Mix all the ingredients well. If it seems dry, add some water and mix again.

* Add boiled potatoes to the peeled tomatoes and eggplant. Mash well. Add salt, finely chopped green chilies, ginger grated, finely chopped green coriander, juice from one lemon and some mustard oil. Mix well. Chokha is ready.

* Meanwhile, grease hands with ghee, and knead the dough. Break the dough into small lumps and form little balls.

* Press it with your thumb in the middle to give it the shape of a bowl. Put the stuffing in it, lift the sides, and secure it by pressing and pinching the corners of the dough.

* You can roast it in three ways, that is in a heavy bottomed wok, appam maker or a net stand over the flame.

* Once the littis are ready, dip them in ghee or break and pour ghee over them. Take a bowl full of chokha and relish it anytime.

street food of varanasi, street food banaras, Banaras places to eat Baked lentil dough, coal-roasted cooked to perfection.

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Daytona 500: How Ryan Newman’s last lap ended in flames

By: New York Times |

Published: February 19, 2020 4:35:47 pm

NASCAR Cup Series driver Ryan Newman goes airborne after being hit by Corey LaJoie (32) on the last lap of the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway (Source: USA TODAY Sports)

By Victor Mather

There are 200 scheduled laps in the Daytona 500, but it was the last one of this year’s race Monday that will be most remembered. In a few chaotic moments, Ryan Newman’s car edged into the lead on the final turn, crashed, flipped onto its roof and then was hit broadside by another car. In the fiery aftermath of the accident, Denny Hamlin won the race, the crowd fell silent, and Newman skidded down the track in a shower of sparks and flames.

Newman’s injuries were reported after the race as serious but not life-threatening. On Tuesday afternoon, Newman’s team reported he was “awake and speaking with family and doctors.”

Here’s a moment-by-moment look at what happened.

There had already been a crash as the final lap began, but because it did not affect the leaders, no yellow flag came out, and the race steamed toward the finish. Ryan Blaney (12), in third place, got right behind Newman, in second. Working together with the draft, the two cars blew by the leader, Hamlin, dropping him to third and putting Newman in position to win.

In the final turn of the race, Newman (6) led Blaney and Hamlin. But when Blaney pulled up right onto Newman’s bumper, the trouble began.

Blaney’s car pushed Newman’s No. 6 from behind, sending him spinning right toward the wall.

Once it hit the wall, Newman’s car — facing back down the track — flipped into the air as the other contenders covered the final yards to the checkered flag.

That left him in a precarious position, tumbling through a cloud of smoke into the traffic behind the leaders. His car dropped right in front of the one driven by Corey Lajoie, who later said he had nowhere to go. “I didn’t even know who I hit,” Lajoie told “Good Morning America” on Tuesday morning. “Nobody realizes how fast 200 mph is or how light or how uncontrollable these cars are when they get out of shape.”

Lajoie slammed into the driver’s side of the airborne No. 6 car, sending Newman and the car back into the air.

Newman skidded down the track in a hail of sparks, eventually crossing the start-finish line in ninth place.

Newman came to rest on the apron, immobile and with gasoline — and now flames — rising from his upturned race car. Emergency workers quickly doused the fire, flipped the vehicle back onto its tires, and set to work extricating the injured Newman.

The roof was cut off the car to help get Newman out of it. Screens were used to shield the stretcher carrying him from the crowd.

Ryan Newman, Ryan Newman car accident, Ryan Newman car crash, Ryan Newman injury, Ryan Newman injury update, Daytona 500, NASCAR, NASCAR crashes Rescue workers arrive to check on Ryan Newman after he was involved in a wreck on the last lap of the NASCAR Daytona 500 auto race at Daytona International Speedway (Source: AP)

By then, the result had become an afterthought. Hamlin edged Blaney in a photo finish to claim his second consecutive Daytona 500 win. Unaware of Newman’s injuries, he and his team celebrated on the track and in the pits. Hamlin later apologized once word of the severity of the crash reached him.

“I had absolutely NO IDEA of the severity of the crash until I got to victory lane,” he wrote on Twitter. “There’s very little communication after the finish and i had already unhooked my radio. It’s not anyone’s fault.”

Newman’s health and recovery, Hamlin said later in an interview in Victory Lane, “is way more important than any victory, no matter how big the race is.”

Newman’s team eventually released a statement in which they said Newman was in serious condition but “the doctors have indicated his injuries are not life-threatening.”

On Tuesday afternoon, they released an update on his condition, saying that while Newman remained a patient at Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach, he was “awake and speaking with family and doctors.”

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Vegan or vegetarian diet may reduce risk of heart disease, suggests study

By: PTI | Washington |

Published: February 19, 2020 4:40:59 pm

heart disease, heart disease risk, diet for heart disease, heart disease indian express news They said maintaining a vegan or vegetarian diet can reduce the amount of TMAO produced in the body. (Photo: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Reducing meat intake, and following a plant-based diet can decrease the risk of heart ailments, according to study which suggests this change can minimize the adverse effects of the microbes living in the gut associated with cardiac diseases.

According to the study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the human digestive tract houses a community of bacteria called the gut microbiota that play an important role in our metabolism, nutrient absorption, energy levels, and immune response.

One of the natural chemicals produced by the gut bacteria when they digest nutrients in animal products such as red meat is a metabolite known as trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) which has been connected to increased heart attack risk, the researchers, including those from Tulane University in the US, said.

They said maintaining a vegan or vegetarian diet can reduce the amount of TMAO produced in the body.

In the study, the scientists examined 760 women in the Nurses’ Health Study — a prospective cohort study of 1,21,701 female nurses aged 30 to 55 years old.

Participants of the study were asked to report data on dietary patterns, smoking habit, and physical activity, plus other demographic data, and provide two blood samples taken 10 years apart.

The researchers measured concentrations of TMAO in the blood’s liquid component, plasma, from the first collection to the second blood collection.

Women with the largest increases in TMAO levels across the study had a 67 per cent higher risk of coronary heart disease (CHD).

“Diet is one of the most important modifiable risk factors to control TMAO levels in the body,” said Lu Qi, study co-author from Tulane University

“No previous prospective cohort study has addressed whether long-term changes in TMAO are associated with CHD, and whether dietary intakes can modify these associations,” Qi said.

According to the researchers, the findings show that decreasing TMAO levels may contribute to reducing the risk of CHD.

They said the gut-microbiome may be a new area to explore in heart disease prevention.

When TMAO was examined in the second blood sample collection taken 10 years later, their levels were significantly higher in participants with CHD.

Every increase in TMAO, the researchers said, was associated with a 23 per cent increase in CHD risk.

This association, they said, remained after controlling for demographic, diet and lifestyle factors, strengthening the link between higher TMAO levels and CHD risk.

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Erling Haaland adds to his tally, and to his legend

Updated: February 19, 2020 4:00:40 pm

Erling Braut Haaland celebrates after scoring the opening goal during the Champions League round of 16 first leg match between Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint Germain. (AP Photo)

By Rory Smith

Borussia Dortmund’s players hung back a little, idling halfway between the centre circle and the goal. With Paris St.-Germain jerseys slung over their shoulders, the spoils of battle, they clapped each other on the back, they exchanged high-fives, they ruffled each others’ hair. Most of all, though, they waited for him to have his moment.

A few yards ahead, Erling Haaland stood in front of the Yellow Wall, the soaring South stand of Signal Iduna Park. Just after Christmas, he had finally decided to join Borussia Dortmund — picking the club from a long, slavering queue of would-be suitors, ranging from Manchester United to RB Leipzig — in part because of the prospect of playing in front of what is, arguably, the most iconic terrace in European soccer.

The support of the Yellow Wall forms a considerable part of Dortmund’s sales pitch. Haaland had, by all accounts, long hoped to experience it. Now here he was, 51 days later, basking in its adulation. He applauded it, a little. He raised his arms above his head in celebration. He offered a thumbs-up. Mostly, he just stared.

In return, the thousands of fans in front of him, the bricks of the Yellow Wall, showered him with love. In deference to what he had just done, his teammates waited. They let him take the acclaim. Only when Axel Witsel could wait no longer, when he just had to start dancing, did they start to join Haaland. Until then, it was all about him. He has that ability: the capacity to make everyone else a bystander.

Erling Braut Haaland celebrates with Giovanni Reyna after the match. (REUTERS)

Haaland’s start to life at Dortmund has, frankly, been a little unrealistic. So too, for that matter, has been his first season in the Champions League. There is clearly a glitch in the system somewhere, a fault in the algorithm. This is, after all, the most exclusive tournament in world soccer. It is the highest level of the game.

It is an aspiration, a dream, the ultimate test. Players spend years hoping to have a chance to play in the competition; many of the finest of their generation will end their careers without ever having made quite the impression on it that they might had hoped. Haaland — still only 19, still a touch raw, still learning — is making it all look suspiciously easy.

He scored a hat-trick in his first game in the Champions League, back in September, back when he was still playing for Red Bull Salzburg. He scored in his next four games in the competition, too; only Liverpool, in his sixth Champions League match, stopped his run.

Then he moved to Dortmund. He was a substitute in his first game for his new club. He came on in the 56th minute. Twenty-three minutes later, he had scored a hat-trick. He scored two more in his next game. The following week, he scored twice in his first start. He currently has eight goals in five appearances in the Bundesliga.

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The last 16 of the Champions League was supposed to be a step up, of course, a challenge of another magnitude. PSG is, after all, one of the most expensive teams ever built. It is a team rated — perhaps a little self-servingly — as the favourite to win the tournament by Jürgen Klopp, the manager of the reigning champion, Liverpool. Asking a teenager to carry the fight to a defense of Thiago Silva, Marquinhos and Presnel Kimpembe felt like a bold call from Lucien Favre, Dortmund’s coach.

Those who know Haaland, though, those who have tracked his career from its beginnings in Norway, say that he possesses a rare calm, a sort of beatific single-mindedness. He is fazed by little, or nothing. He betrays not a flicker of nervousness. He is not the sort to worry that he does not belong.

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Strikers considerably more experienced than him might, perhaps, have grown a little frustrated Tuesday in a first half that was a little more cagey than most expected. Dortmund has won countless admirers in recent years for its sense of adventure, its risk-taking, its dynamism. It has long had a fatal flaw, though: a tendency toward self-immolation, an ability to scupper itself at any given moment.

It is a trait shared by PSG, at least in the Champions League. The French champion’s attack is fearsome — so good that it could afford to leave Edinson Cavani and Mauro Icardi on the bench at Dortmund — but it is not quite good enough to mask what is more a psychological vulnerability than anything else: invariably, PSG seems to melt in the white heat of the competition it has been built to win.

This was, then, supposed to be one of those wild games that occur ever more frequently in this tournament, all breakneck counterattacking and slapstick defending. That was what everyone wanted to see — nine goals here, split the difference, head back to Paris in three weeks to do it all again — with two notable exceptions: Favre and Thomas Tuchel, PSG’s coach.

It is significant that the coaches of two of Europe’s most expansive teams decided, when the stakes were high, that caution had to come first. Both played with a back five, and two holding midfielders. Both, uncharacteristically, chose to mask their weaknesses, rather than accentuate their strengths.

For more than an hour, the stalemate held: PSG had the possession, Dortmund tried to strike on the break. Haaland, starved of opportunities, stuck to his job: he chased and harried; he took up his pressing positions; he sniffed around for chances. He did not lose heart. He did not lose focus. His moment was coming. Or rather, his moments.

The first strike, to open the scoring, was pure predator: that rare ability that strikers have to somehow turn up at the right place and the right time, stretching out a leg, lifting the ball over Keylor Navas. But it was the second, after Neymar had tied the score, that shook the Yellow Wall. Darting on to a pass from Giovanni Reyna, the 17-year-old American thrown on as a substitute, taking a touch, and then sending a left-footed shot screeching past Navas.

That was Haaland’s 10th goal in seven Champions League games this season. It was his 11th in his time at Dortmund. Raw data, though, is an unsatisfactory metric to communicate what made it so special: it was the power of the shot, how early he took it, the certainty with which he did so. Haaland has only just arrived — in Dortmund, in the Champions League — but he already knows he belongs. His teammates sensed it, too. This, now, is his moment. There is nothing else to do but let him enjoy it.

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Time of day linked to decrease in activity in specific brain regions: Study

By: PTI | Singapore |

Published: February 19, 2020 2:10:02 pm

brain, brain activity, brain activity in humans, brain activity study, indian express news In the study, they analysed the brain scan data of approximately 900 subjects who were examined between 8 AM and 10 PM on two different days. (Representational photo: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

As the day progresses, the electrical activity between different brain regions when people are at rest may significantly decrease, according to a study which suggests that the excitation could be the lowest in the morning, increases in the mid-afternoon, and dips in the early evening.

The study, published in the journal PLOS, revealed a cumulative decrease in the excitation between different regions of resting brains as the day progressed.

According to the researchers, including those from the National University of Singapore (NUS), this global decrease was most prominent in brain regions responsible for processing vision and body movements.

In the study, they analysed the brain scan data of approximately 900 subjects who were examined between 8 AM and 10 PM on two different days.

Across the whole brain, the scientists found that the time of day was also associated with marked decreases in resting-state functional connectivity — the correlated activity between different brain regions when no explicit task is being performed.

“We were surprised by the size of the overall time-of-day effects, since the global fMRI signal is affected by many factors and there is substantial variation across individuals,” said Csaba Orban, first author of the study from NUS.

“At the present moment we don’t have a good explanation of the directionality of our findings,” Orban said.

However, the researchers said, they also observed slight time-of-day-associated variation in the breathing patterns of participants, suggesting that they may also need to consider clues outside of the brain to fully understand the effects.

Based on the findings, the researchers recommended that clinicians report the time of day of fMRI brain scans, and other experimental protocols and measurements, since this could help account for between-study variation in results, and potentially even failure to replicate findings.

“We hope these findings will motivate fellow neuroscientists to give more consideration to potential effects of time of day on measures of brain activity, especially in other large-scale studies where subjects are often scanned throughout the day for logistical reasons,” said Thomas Yeo, senior author of the study from NUS.

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Ishant Sharma will add new dynamic to Indian bowling attack: Ross Taylor

By: PTI | Wellington |

Published: February 19, 2020 3:06:47 pm

Ishant Sharma will add a fresh dimension to India’s bowling attack. (File Photo)

A fit-again Ishant Sharma will add a fresh dimension to India’s bowling attack, says seasoned New Zealand batsman Ross Taylor, who foresees trouble for his team if it focusses only on tackling Jasprit Bumrah during the upcoming Test series.

Taylor is only two days away from becoming the first cricketer to play 100 games across formats. Less than three weeks away from his 36th birthday, he has already competed in 231 ODIs and 100 T20 Internationals.

“I think if we just look at Bumrah, we are in trouble. I think their whole bowling lineup is fantastic. Obviously, Sharma coming back will bring new dynamics to the team,” Taylor told reporters on Wednesday.

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Ishant is returning to the Indian squad after recovering from an ankle injury sustained during a Ranji Trophy clash last month. “They have got a world-class batting line-up as well and we have to get through that. But they are the No. 1 team in the world for a reason and we know we have to be on our game to be successful against them,” he added.

On the eve of his milestone, would Taylor look back at his early days, especially the setbacks? “Yeah, I think so. That shapes you as a person and as a player,” he agreed instantly. Sometimes it’s not necessarily the runs you get and the good times. It’s how you deal with failures along the way that shape you as a person, as the way you go about your training, as a teammate. Sometimes it’s the negative things that make you stronger and more resilient, and that’s what you need to be a Test player,” said Taylor.

Had the Christchurch Test against Bangladesh not been cancelled due to the terror attack at the mosque, Taylor would have played his 100th Test in Sydney against Australia last year. It eventually became his 99th and he couldn’t be happier to play the big game in front of friends and family.

“David White (NZC CEO) comes in and gives us a talk about what games are coming up and you start doing the math and he actually says Ross, it’s going to be your 100th Test in Sydney. But obviously what happened in Christchurch last year with the shootings at the mosque had moved things back a game. But then, things happen for a reason, I believe, and it’s nice for it to happen back home. I don’t know how many people would have travelled to Sydney for it. So it’s nice for it to be here.”

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He has already got messages from former teammates Daniel Vettori and Brendon McCullum. “I just got a call from Brendon before we got here saying all the best. He said ‘do better than what I did’, I don’t know what he got in his 100th game. I asked if there was any tip on how to deal with tickets and things like that,” he laughed.

“I got a message from Vettori as well last night. Obviously, it is a special club to join and it’s nice to hear from fellow players who have been there and done that.”

So does he have enough tickets at his disposal? “I don’t know if I have enough tickets for them all, they are all coming out of the woodwork! All the old coaches and things like that. This is just to thank them for all the sacrifices they have made,” he said.

In the twilight of his career, the thought of retirement has crossed his mind once but that was long back when he had set the 2019 ODI World Cup as a deadline for himself. But then he thought he still had something left in his tank and hasn’t till date disappointed his fans.

“I always said to myself, 2019 World Cup wasn’t a bad place to start thinking about that ‘R’ word. But I still I am good enough and have a lot more to offer this team both on and off the field. I am still as hungry as ever to score runs. After my first series, I wouldn’t have been putting much money on myself to be playing 100 Tests, that’s for sure. I am happy with what has happened,” he added.

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